How to Make a Small Home Office Feel Bigger

How To Make A Small Home Office Feel Bigger Featured Image

Working from home is slowly taking over the world and changing how millions of people work all over the globe. The idea of being able to work freely from the comfort of your home sounds idyllic to most, however when the dining table has no room for dinner and the mental line between work and play starts to blur, working from home becomes less attractive and more unorganised chaos. 

Some have the luxury of having a large home office, set up with the best desk, best chair (from Slouch, of course) and all the storage and organisation you can dream of. However, for most, a small corner in the kitchen or the spare bedroom is all you have, and that works for you. But how can we make these small nooks look and feel less like we’re squashed in a corner? 


I’ve said it before and I‘ll say it again, colour is EVERYTHING. Choosing colours that brighten and lift a space will make your area feel much bigger and more inviting. For more about how you can use colour to transform your space read our BLOG


Again, I’ve touched on this before in HOME OFFICE IDEAS article – choosing the right lighting for a space is vital, it can elevate a small crevasse from dark and shadowy to bright and open. 


An organised space is a bigger space. The less clutter and mess you have the more space you have, it’s simple. My top tip for organising small spaces is to take it up the wall, use pin boards, shelves and bookcases. Struggling to organise your space? Find more organisation inspiration in our BLOG.

Use Your Space

One of the biggest mistakes people make in small spaces is not using them correctly, where you place your furniture has a bigger impact than most people think. Experiment with moving pieces around and find what works best for you and your space. Don’t place furniture in the pathway, place large items against the wall and don’t over crowd your space.


One of the biggest space savers for small office spaces is having furniture that is multi use, a cabinet that folds out to a desk, a desk with integrated storage, there’s so many great space saving pieces that are worth investing in.

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