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getting creative with colour

Person Wearing A Pink Shirt Sitting Cross Legged On A Task One Office Chair Whilst Using The Supporting Arms

What can be done to customise a WFH space to ensure it fits within a home settings and also enhances work productivity?  

This year many of us have changed the way we work and some may find for the better. We have taken to utilising spaces we have readily available at home and customising them to make our own home offices. 

So, what can we do to customise the home office to ensure it fits within our home settings and also enhances our work productivity?

It’s very easy, it’s very simple and it’s very bold!

The answer is  C O L O U R.

Colour is the greatest way to enhance productivity and creativity, so, pick a colour palette and grab a brush and begin injecting some colour into your space. 

Research supports that bold colours like blue and green are for the powerful intellectuals that work long hours to overcome success.

Blue sets a cool and calm atmosphere, great for focus and performance, whilst Green creates a more relaxed demeanour, it’s the best colour to use when working long hours as it’s easy on the eye!

Warmer shades for example Red, Yellow and Orange portray excitement and creativity, these colours are great for those who require comfort, high energy and to feel optimistic in their creative mindset.  

Clean colours like white and grey are best associated to create light and spaciousness and are often used for a modern look.

They can also be used to amplify space and promote natural light in any room of the home.

Now you’re all clued up on colour, why not start space planning? Read our article on Creating a Moodboard and Styling your Space.