• What is the difference between hard floor castors and standard castors?

    Our standard castors are designed to be smooth, allowing a chair to move with ease over floor surfaces such as carpet.

    Hard floor castors are designed for hard flooring. They are still firm to touch but are materially different, ensuring the chair can move seamlessly without scratching or damaging the floor.

    From our experience, there are many thermoplastic-materials used on castor wheels, which vary in density. However, when we look at protecting a hard floor it’s all about the elasticity of the soft tread.

    Shoes often bring dirt to the floor and also very small stones. If a castor is too soft and not elastic enough, these small stones get stuck on the surface of the tread and will then damage the floor as the chair moves.

    Our soft wheel castors are made from PU “Desmopan”, which is at present the best (and most expensive) material available on the market for soft wheel castors.  Allowing them to be perfectly soft for hard floors but elastic enough to reject stone from getting stuck within them. (Top tip: Make sure your floor is free from dust and debris)

    Our soft wheel castors are inline with EN 12528/12529 5.4.4

  • How can i rearrange my delivery?

    If you were not home when we tried to deliver your package, you can schedule a new delivery time on the FedEx Delivery page, or alternatively contact us at [email protected] and we will gladly assist.



  • Can the arms be easily removed?

    Our arms can be removed using an Allen key (5mm) – Simply remove the 3 screws on the base of each arm to detach them from the seat.

  • Do you offer free returns?

    Yes, we offer returns free of charge. All items need to be in the original packaging with no marks of use.

  • Can I use the chair or desk and then return it if I don’t like it?

    In accordance with our returns policy, chair or desk must be in their original packaging, free of marks or signs of use.

  • When can i expect my chair to be delivered?

    Our maximum delivery duration is 5 working days. We process and build your chair in house then once ready we use a next day delivery service.

    If you require your chair immediately please get in touch and we will attempt to fast track your order.

  • Does the seat foam loose its structure over time?

    Our moulded foam will soften slightly over time, however it will not loose its structure or ergonomic benefits. The process of our moulded foam is the same as found in car seats.

  • I have assembled my chair but its not going up or down.

    Don’t panic, this is an easy fix.

    Ensure the chair is on a level surface and sit on it, using as much weight as possible.

    Then push the right hand lever downwards.

    Move off the chair and push the right hand lever down again. (Be sure not to apply any pressure onto the seat)

    This process should engage the gas unit and fix the issue. If you continue to have problems with your chair please contact [email protected]

  • Can the castors be changed?

    Yes, it is possible to change the castors, just ensure there is a 65mm clearance for the gas cylinder.

  • Do you ship outside of the UK?

    Unfortunately we currently only ship to UK mainland. However we are looking to expand in the coming months.

  • What warranty do you offer?

    We offer a two year warranty on our chairs.

  • Can I order hard floor castors or arms separately?

    Should you require additional arms and/or hard floor castors for your chair please contact us at [email protected]

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