3 steps to an organised home office

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Adapting to a home working lifestyle can be tricky, whilst finding your feet and developing a routine, things can start to get messy. Loose papers, pens and wires begin to crowd your once-perfect home working space, motivation stops and distractions get… well, distracting. 

Some people are natural-born organisers, everything has a place and if it gets moved it quickly makes its way back. However, for some, scattered papers and a messy desk aren’t a concern.  

Here at Slouch, we’re here for the organisers, overthinkers, daydreamers and project leaders. We’re here for all of you. So whether your desk is competing with Everest for the world’s tallest mountain or not, we’re giving you our top tips for an organised home office.

It’s all in the Desk

If you’re yet to buy a desk for your home working space, be sure that you’re looking for one with optimal storage. Buying additional drawers and cupboards can not only get pricey but it also takes up unnecessary space in your room. Buying a desk with even just a couple of drawers will save you £££ and space.    

However, if like most you already have a desk or table lying around the house, there are lots of storage solutions to keep everything in line. 

Under desk hanging baskets are perfect for keeping papers and regularly used items in place, they’re affordable and can hold a surprising amount of junk. If your desk is long enough, you could also hang them from one another to create a DIY shelving unit. 

If you find yourself tangled up in wires, investing in a hanging cable organiser could save you hassle. Simply hang it from the back of your desk and thread your wires through for a uniform, accessible space. You could even take it one step further and use adhesive cable holders on the side of your desk so you’re never searching for the right wire again. 

Drive it Up the Wall

As pretty as desk organisers are, with all the separate compartments and uses, they tend to be bulky and take up surface space that you often don’t have. Taking your storage up the walls can not only save you space but it can also be an opportunity for you to get creative. 

Using peg boards is one of our favourite wall storage space savers. You can buy different attachments such as tubs, hooks, containers and shelves which will all hang perfectly from your wall and free up space on your desk. 

Although wall storage is a great space saver, make sure to buy hanging storage that isn’t going to invade your space, keep it slim and against the wall to optimise your workspace. 

Not Just for Books

If you have more space to use, investing in a bookshelf is a must. Having everything you need for your day in one place not only saves you time searching but also allows you to be most productive without having to worry about where your paperclips are. 

Utilising old shoe boxes to separate your supplies is not only cost-effective but will also level up your organisation game. Label your boxes, divide them into categories, whatever works best for you, go crazy.

Use binders and file holders to store the important documents, decorate mugs and plates to hold pens and small items, then finish things off with a few functional decorative pieces.

All in all, creating a functional, practical and thought-provoking workspace is simple when broken down. You don’t need to break the bank on desk organisers and special boxes. These simple pieces will instantly transform your space from cluttered to clean.

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