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The global pandemic has changed how many of us work across the world, forcing us to trade a desk for a dining table. Now coming out the other end many people have learnt to love the working from home lifestyle. However, despite the positives, the papers scattered at mealtimes and the back pains which come from sitting on a dining room chair for too long aren’t exactly ideal.

Cue the home office, whether it’s a nook under the stairs, a spot by the window or the spare room that’s currently a dumping ground. There’s a hidden spot in every home for an ergonomic and comfortable work set up.

Finding a Space

The first thing to assess when designing your new set up is where your new area is going to be, if you have options take into consideration the size, lighting and shape of the space. An area with as much natural light as possible is ideal but not always accessible.

The Necessities

Next you need to put the brakes on the trip to the store and first decide what you really need. With smaller spaces you’re limited with what you can place so determine what is important to you and what items you’re willing to invest the biggest fraction of your budget into. Whether it’s a large desk space or a chair with ergonomic technology to bring you effortless everyday comfort.

Fitting Your Budget

With any budget big or small knowing what matters to you most is key, if your budget is smaller decide whether spending money on a fully adjustable and comfortable chair is of greater benefit than splashing out on custom shelving or wall art. 

Creating a Mood Board

Once you know what you’re prioritising, it’s time to start designing, a mood board is a great place to start, check out our post collaborating with Hello Haus to get all the best tips to create a mood board of dreams.

Burst of Colour 

Remember to choose colours and a theme that you love, not just what’s trending on your feed. Knowing how different colours impact your mood and productivity levels is also handy at this point in the process, take a look at our post on Getting Creative with Colour to ensure your space is uplifting and positive.

Lighting is Key

Along with colour, your choice of lighting will impact your space considerably, choosing fixtures that don’t take up too much room and bulbs that aren’t so bright they strain your eyes will aid your productivity levels greatly. Opting for wall lamps and blue light free light bulbs will benefit you in the long run.

A Functional Space

As well as creating a beautiful, bright space to work, functionality is also a paramount. Investing in some wall shelving and some drawer space may be vital for an organised working environment, if your budget is tight, local charity and discount stores are great places to find hidden gems. 

Make the Space Yours

After purchasing or upcycling your key pieces of furniture and handy organisational items it will then be time to add any additional extras that are going to positively impact your work life. It may be motivational art pieces, small potted plants to add greenery to the space or a cork board to pin photos and important to dos up. The finishing touches are what makes this space truly yours, make the space stylish, productive but most importantly comfortable for you and your needs.

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