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Should You Place Your Desk in Front of a Window?

Have you been contemplating placing your desk in front of window lighting to perk up your working environment? You might be onto something. Positioning your work desk under window light can be a simple but effective way to take advantage of the remarkable benefits of increased natural light.

So let’s dig into exactly what repositioning your desk under natural lighting can do for you.

Why place your desk in front of a window? 

At Slouch, we believe that the aim of ergonomics is to make your workplace work with you, not against you. Considering the position of your desk is just one way to do that. Investing in an ergonomic desk that keeps you comfortable all day long is another key part of the ergonomic puzzle. 

Fundamentally, desk placement is another way to improve ergonomics in the workplace. Every factor in your office environment that has an impact on your body has the potential to affect your performance at work. 

Women Working at a Height Adjustable Desk

Benefits of placing your desk in front of a window

Are you tired of feeling cooped up and uninspired in your current desk position? Switch things up by moving your desk under a window and you might find that these benefits follow. This could be the game-changer you need to boost your productivity in your office. 

It increased exposure to sunlight

The biggest and most obvious win from positioning your desk in front of windows is increased exposure to natural light. While this might seem like a relatively small change to make, the physical and psychological benefits of increased sunlight can be dramatic. 

Studies on this subject continue to show clear positive correlations between natural light and well-being and productivity. In one particular 2020 study of exposure to natural light in the workplace demonstrated definitely that it improved mood, decreased stress, and increased productivity and emotional well-being. 

It encourages regular screen breaks

A view from a window encourages you to look outside and soak up a little bit of sky, greenery or even just the hustle and bustle of the world outside. This can be a good emotionally grounding exercise to improve mood and focus, as well as encouraging a welcome eye break from your screen. 

It reduces artificial lighting

It’s always a smart idea to try to reduce your exposure to artificial lighting where possible. Working at a desk facing window light instead of needing extra illumination from a lightbulb could save you a pretty penny in electricity over time. 

It can improve sleep

This might sound too good to be true, but studies really do show that increased exposure to natural light can help you sleep longer. This might be to do with natural light playing a key role in regulating the body’s circadian rhythm. Participants in the 2014 study saw longer sleeping times, improved sleep quality and even had an easier time falling asleep.

Pitfalls of placing your desk in front of windows 

If you’re keen on changing up your office setup to reap the benefits of more natural light, make sure you watch out for the following.

It may affect video call lighting 

If you use video conferencing regularly as part of your job you might want to trial how you show up on video calls before you make the permanent switch having your desk face the window. Glare from the window might be harsh in the midday sun, so consider blinds and backlighting to mitigate the effect. 

It can result in bad office desk feng shui

One issue with positioning your desk in front of the window is that often the window is in direct alignment with the door. This means that in order to sit at your desk and face the window you might have your door behind you. This goes against the ‘command position’ which is considered the best feng shui desk position as it gives a sense of control and security.

Person Standing In Front Of a Height Adjustable Black Frame Desk Rotating Towards You

Other considerations for a productive working environment

There are plenty of other ways to keep your home office a place of calm and focus. Get prepped to make your working day as productive as possible:

Take a seat and enjoy the view

Ultimately, whether you should place your desk in front of a window or not is down to whether you think it will improve your working environment and productivity. 

At Slouch, we believe strongly that a comfortable working environment is key to productivity. That’s why we created the ultimate desks and ergonomic office chairs, to help you get the best from your office space.

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