10 Office Desk Essentials For Your Workspace

If you’ve been pondering what the top office desk essentials for your workspace are, you’ve come to the right place. At Slouch, we’re dedicated to making offices more comfortable places to work – with a range of ergonomically designed chairs and height-adjustable home office desks to prove it. 

So, without further ado, here are our top picks of the office desk essentials that make working life easier, more comfortable and more efficient.

Let’s get to work.

Slouch’s Top 10 Office Desk Essentials, Revealed

It’s not always easy to know what you’ll need, before you need it to hand. As office furniture specialists, we’ve rounded up the office desk essentials below that we can’t do without.

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Do you work in an office with other people? Sometimes you just need to focus and zone out any other voices in the room. This is easily achieved with specialist noise-cancelling headphones. Peruse our selection of playlists for the everyday to enhance your working experience with ambient music to power your work. 

Can’t work with music in the background? Opt for some silicone earplugs to achieve the same effect.

2. Eye Drops

There’s nothing worse than having dry eyes and no means of relief. After all, we spend a larger proportion of our working days looking at screens than ever before. Help combat eye strain by having some eye drops on hand for when dry eye symptoms strike.

3. Mini Desk Fan

Keep your environment comfortable all year round with a desk-sized fan. While you can’t always choose the temperature of your office, you can find ways to keep your own desk a comfortable place to work. On hot days, that means a cooling breeze whenever you need it. A desktop clip-on fan is an office desk essential for the Summer.

4. Monitor Arms

Once you find out how much desk space you can save with monitor arms, you’ll wonder why they weren’t always at the top of your office desk essentials. Raising your monitors upwards can help to ensure you aren’t bending your neck down. Together with finding your ideal office desk height, being able to adjust your monitor height plays an important part in creating an ergonomic workspace that’s set up correctly for you.

5. A Slouch Office Chair

The ultimate office desk essential? A chair with excellent ergonomics to keep you in lumbar comfort all day. A Slouch home office chair empowers you to take on the work day in comfort and style. 

So many of us spend a huge proportion of our working lives in office chairs that provide little to no support, or in fact, do our bodies active damage. 

At Slouch, we believe it’s time for that to change. 

That’s why our range of office chairs are designed by engineers with attention to lumbar support in order to combat uncomfortable posture. The result? An ergonomic chair that looks and feels fantastic. 

6. Medical Essentials

Make sure that you’re prepared for any aches, pains, headaches or stomach troubles by putting together some essential over-the-counter medications and plasters. Keep them close at hand for when you’re feeling less than tip-top and you’ll be able to get quick relief without having to go searching.  

7. Tabletop Air Purifier 

The effects of a small desktop-sized air purifier can be quite dramatic. Reported benefits can include:

  • Reduced symptoms for asthma sufferers. 
  • Reduced allergens in the office air, meaning reduced respiratory allergic reactions. Up to 10% of the worldwide population is thought to be allergic to dust mites. Air purifiers help to filter out these allergens.
  • Generally cleaner and improved air quality, especially for those working in heavily polluted areas such as city centres.

8. Desk Lamp 

Ergonomics is all about making your workspace function in harmony with your body. When people consider ergonomics in the workplace, choosing the right lighting is often an overlooked factor – but it shouldn’t be!  

The fluorescent lighting so often found in offices is harsh on the eyes because of the barely noticeable flickering it emits. This constant flickering can send stressful signals to our brains and cause us to fatigue more quickly. Prolonged use can even cause headaches, eye aches and migraines. 

Our solution? An eye-friendly desk lamp with a diffused, warm-toned LED bulb that doesn’t flicker.  

9. Reusable Water Bottle 

Stay hydrated the eco–friendly way, with a reusable water bottle. Extra points if it’s also made from recycled materials. A water bottle is a much more practical option than leaving an easy-to-tip-over glass next to your computer. Eliminate the chance of an accident before it happens.

10. Phone Charging Station

It happens all the time. You’ll be listening to music while you work, perhaps open tabs in the background. Your working day will end and you glance down at your phone to see a tiny slither of battery percentage remaining. Disaster.

With a wireless phone charging station, you have a pre-set place to habitually put your phone down and charge it when you’re not using it. Once you have one, you’ll never have to think about charging again.

The Ultimate Office Essentials – A Slouch Desk & Chair

If you’re ready for a new office desk that streamlines your work environment, check out our range of fixed-height and adjustable-height office desks. 

For any questions or enquiries, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch to assist you with general enquiries too.

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