What Is The Ideal Office Chair Height?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the ideal office chair height is? Well, you’re not alone, however, finding the right chair height can be a confusing business.

At Slouch, we understand how important it is to set up your workspace so it works for you, not against you.

With a comfortable, ergonomic office chair, like Slouch’s collection, the result is an office space where you can focus and get the job done. 

Ignore ergonomics however, and you could face a space that saps your focus and causes more than writer’s block – aches, pains and even sciatica are all possible results from poorly designed and arranged office furniture. 

What is the Correct Office Chair Height?

The perfect office chair height will be different for everyone because height plays the biggest factor. The correct chair height for a person will be different depending on whether they are taller or shorter. That’s why it’s so important to set your chair to a height that works specifically for you as well as using other methods to adjust your posture. 

In this guide, we’ll help you understand how to position your chair to find the optimum ergonomic position, including your perfect height below.

Standard UK Office Chair Height 

Task One Black Frame Office Chair With No Arms and Charcoal Seat

The standard UK office chair seat height is adjustable between approximately 17 – 21 inches (or 42cm – 54cm) from the seat to the floor. This is also the case for Slouch office chairs. For most people, this will allow for a range that gives a comfortable seated height at a standard-height office desk.

However, at Slouch, we know everyone is different. Pair one of our Slouch height-adjustable office desks with a height-adjustable office chair and you’ll have access to an extended range of heights – perfect for taller people – as well as the option to use it as a standing desk. Problem solved.  

How to Tell If Your Office Chair Is at the Right Height for You?

Remember, there’s no one ‘correct’ office chair height but you can find the height that’s most comfortable for you. Here is the simple process to follow to ensure your chair is set to the right height:

  1. Adjust the office chair height until your feet are comfortably flat on the floor. This means you’re bearing the weight of your legs through the balls and soles of your feet evenly.
  1.  Check the positioning of your knees. They should be bent with your hips positioned just slightly higher than your knees. Medical advice suggests that this positioning is good for encouraging blood circulation while you’re sitting sedentary for prolonged amounts of time.
  1. Your lower back should be supported by the chair with padding which is curved to the shape of your spine. This is known as lumbar support.
  1. Your eyes should be parallel to the top of your screen. Make sure you can see the whole screen without tilting your head down, otherwise you run the risk of craning your neck. A monitor riser is an office desk essential that can help with achieving this. 
  1. If your armrests are adjustable, ensure that your arms can rest on them comfortably at a 90-degree angle while typing.

The Benefits of Finding Your Perfect Office Chair Height

Don’t neglect the position of your office chair. Taking the time to find the right office chair height for you can pay dividends for your health, comfort and wellbeing and as you can see, it’s simple to make the necessary changes. 

These are just a few of the ways it can make a positive impact.

Reduce Risk of Injury and Strain

Quite simply, sitting at uncomfortable angles or without lumbar support puts your health on the line. Compressing the discs in your spine and nerves can be incredibly uncomfortable, especially over time. Protect yourself to ensure that any aches and pains are banished for good. 

Increased Focus

It’s not rocket science that when you’re more comfortable you’re at your most focused. Make work a place you can thrive in by adapting your office chair to give you all the support you need. 

Long-Term Health Benefits

When you put time into creating an ergonomic work environment, you also reduce the risk of long-term health conditions caused by craning your neck and compressing your spine. As we spend such a long time at work over our lifetime, continued discomfort can lead to painful conditions, like Sciatica, that can be easily avoided. 

How to Create an Ergonomic Working Environment

Finding the right height for your office chair is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to honing ergonomics in the workspace

The goal is to create a place where you can focus on your work without any short or long-term physical discomfort. Office chair height is a key part of this, but not the only part. 

Time to consider the other factors at play.

Desk Height

A Close Up Of The Height Position Controls On A Desk One Adjustable Height White Frame Desk And Oak Top

Your office chair height is relative to your desk height. Find the ideal office desk height for you and you’ll have a much easier time settling on your office chair height. The two work together. Read our handy guide that helps you pinpoint the optimum position for your desk based on your height. 

Screen Height Adjusters

The neck is one of the most vulnerable places in the spine. Craning your neck up or down can cause serious discomfort, and decreased range of motion and even lead to chronic conditions over time. 

Luckily, this can be easily remedied with screen height adjusters like monitor risers or monitor arms. That way your eyes can be level with your screen and your neck at rest.

Environmental Factors

Take a look around your office space and consider all of the factors that have an impact on your comfort level. There are probably more than you might first think. Lighting is an often overlooked ergonomic factor, for one. Make sure you’re set up for success by prioritising your workplace ergonomics wherever you can. 

Slouch Makes Your Office Work Hard for You

At Slouch, we’re all about helping people get the best from their workspaces. We hope we’ve now put the power into your hands to find your ideal office chair height and all the benefits it can bring. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your office, our range of height-adjustable office chairs is ready to shop. Our staff are on hand if you need help with any questions or enquiries to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.

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