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The motivation you need for 2023…

Become your best, most comfortable self in the New Year.

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to start the gym, keep a journal or begin a new venture, there’s nothing more daunting than stepping outside of your comfort zone and into a new, unfamiliar place. However, it’s these uncomfortable places that allow for the most personal growth; both physically and mentally. 

At Slouch our mission is to create an environment that is supportive for both your mind and your body. We’re here to motivate, inspire and comfort you: especially when you’re stepping into new territories. 

Taking the First Step

It’s no secret that starting is one of the hardest parts of any new beginning, it’s not necessarily physically hard but mentally you have to break those self-created barriers of dread and fear. People get so fixated on being a perfect or the best that they forget that giving 30% is better than giving nothing at all.

So, our tip is… Focus on the Next 24 hours.

To become more productive: keep it simple. Don’t focus on what you can do in a month or six, focus on what you can do in the next day to become better and closer to the person you want to be or the goals you want to achieve. 

Consistency is Key 

Spend time building habits that aid in your growth, attach these new habits to old ones. Assign your habit with a time and place, this will hold you accountable. Staying disciplined for 21 days will help build new habits and turn them into actions that you do subconsciously and successfully. 

Your Setting

In the New Year spend time organising and creating a motivating and productive workspace. Your space should be free from distractions, organised and most importantly comfortable. Choose colours that that compliment your goals – see our story on colour HERE. Your space should reflect you and your personality without being distracting and cluttered.

When you’re sat at a desk for over 8 hours a day it is vital that your space is supportive and comfortable, investing in a quality office chair is central to any effective working environment. View the Task One chair now.

Our Final Thoughts…

  • Stay consistent
  • Build new habits
  • Focus on what you can do NOW
  • Keep accountable
  • Take small steps 
  • Buy a Slouch chair 😉

“6 months from now, you can be in a completely different space, mentally, spiritually and financially. Keep working and believing in yourself”

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