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How Deep Should a Desk Be?

Pondering how deep a desk should be and whether your desk is the right depth for you? Slouch is on the case to give you answers.

If you’ve found yourself struggling to maintain focus while working or suffering from aches and pains, you might not have considered that your work desk depth could be the culprit. Keep on reading and we’ll explain exactly how getting your desk depth wrong can have a detrimental effect on both your body and your mind. 

The solution? Finding the ideal desk depth for you. As experts in crafting ergonomic office desks, we’ll show you exactly how to find the right dimensions for your desk so you can maximise your productivity in the office. 

Sound good? Let’s crack on.

Standard Desk Depth

First things first, you might be wondering what the standard desk depth is in the UK.

There’s no one uniform size however, the average desk depth falls somewhere between 60cm and 80cm, aka. 24 inches to 32 inches. This is because HSE’s guidance on Display Screen Equipment requires those working with computers as part of their job role to be able to comfortably use a keyboard with their wrists and forearms straight and level and elbows at an angle of around 90 degrees.

Slouch Answers: How Deep Should a Desk Be?

So, how deep should a desk be, you ask? The right desk depth for you will depend on your height – as your desk depth is always relative to your arm length. 

While there’s no one ideal desk depth, there are certain factors that will determine how deep you’ll want your desk to be in order to meet your practical and ergonomic needs. 

Let’s explore them so that you can ensure that you’re working at the ideal desk depth for you.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The aim of ergonomics in the workplace is to create an environment where the body is taken into account. This means prioritising a setup which is not only comfortable but also won’t cause strain in the long term. 

For desk depth, this means giving sufficient depth to stretch out your arms and rest them on the desk while you’re working. This should also mean that you’re able to hold your wrists in a neutral position. 

Sufficient legroom is another thing to look for when sizing up a desk to see if it’s the right depth for you. Being able to stretch your legs out fully will mean you avoid circulation issues or hunching.

Office Space Constraints

If your home office is smaller, you might not want to eat up valuable space with a hugely deep desk if you don’t think you truly need it. A deep desk might become a burden on your space. 

However, as cheerleaders for good ergonomics in the office, we’d always advise ensuring you’re not straining your body in any way when working. If in doubt, opt for a deeper workstation over a shallower one if possible. 

Office Equipment You Use Daily

Another practical aspect of how deep a desk should be is whether you have additional equipment you use on a daily basis that will take up extra space on it. For instance, a laptop will take up less depth than a dual monitor setup with a separate keyboard. In this instance, you’ll need more desk depth to avoid feeling cramped.

This is well worth bearing in mind if you have a technical job that requires switching between spreadsheets. 

Close-up of The Corner of a White Frame Desk With Oak Top

Why Finding Your Ideal Desk Depth Matters

Picking out the perfect desk depth for your workspace isn’t just about aesthetics – it can seriously impact your overall productivity, comfort, and well-being. Something as simple as getting the right desk measurements for your body can be a total game-changer in so many ways. Let’s explore how.

Improved Posture 

Having enough room to fully extend your arms makes it so much easier to sit up straight and maintain good posture. With the ideal desk depth, you can comfortably sit upright without straining to hunch over or craning your neck and shoulders.

It’s a simple thing, but getting that desk depth just right can make a huge difference in how you feel overall. You’re less likely to deal with nagging aches and pains when your posture is properly supported.

Supports Back Health 

Working at the right desk depth for your body is vital for keeping your back happy and healthy. If your desk is too shallow, you’ll probably find yourself leaning forward and putting extra stress on your lower back. But go too deep, and you’re stuck sitting way back, which can throw your whole back out of alignment and potentially cause other serious issues down the line. 

The trick is finding that Goldilocks sweet spot where your desk depth allows your back to maintain its natural curve. Get it right, and you’re far less likely to deal with nasty back problems like herniated discs or Sciatica. Your back will thank you!

Productivity and Focus

Having enough space to work with is key to being productive and getting things done efficiently. With the right desk depth, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out and organise all your space exactly as you need it set up. No more cramped conditions forcing you to work in a stressful environment.

When everything has its place and you can set up your ideal workflow, you’ll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish without getting bogged down or distracted. In turn, you’ll notice how much more focused you can be.

Reduced Clutter 

A desk with enough depth to stretch out, as well as holding all of the equipment and office desk essentials you need, means more surface area. More surface area means less clutter, less chance of knocking things over and less visual mess taking up your headspace. That can completely change your experience of your workspace. 

There’s an old saying that a tidy desk is a tidy mind. Giving yourself the space you need helps you make that a reality. 

Other Office Desk Measurements to Consider

Hopefully, by now you have an idea of all of the great benefits of finding your ideal desk depth. If you’re ready for a new desk and you’re trying to find the best ergonomic fit for you, remember that ‘how deep should a desk be?’ isn’t the only question to ask. There are other dimensions at play. In particular, it’s important to find your ideal office desk height, otherwise even if you have the perfect desk depth, you might end up with a poor fit. 

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