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Here at Slouch we’re passionate about creating an at home working environment that promotes productivity, aids motivation and supports all of your body’s needs. Making investments in our health and wellbeing for the long term. However like many investments, there’s a number of fads, false promises and blatant lies – In this article we’ll be handing you our WFH necessities which we quite frankly couldn’t work (or live) without! 

We’ve collated a list of our favourite products that really do aid in supporting your everyday.

  1. A Height Adjustable Desk
  2. Ergonomic Chair
  3. Desk Planner
  4. Blue Light Glasses 
  5. Water Bottle

A Height Adjustable Desk

An ergonomic set up will always be our main priority when we work from home, having correct support and comfort whilst working is non-negotiable. Of course to achieve this you’re going to need to invest in a desk. You could opt for a simple static desk however pairing your Task One with a fully height adjustable desk will change the way you work. Being able to switch between sitting and standing is the most ergonomic way you can work (it also promotes productivity ;))

When looking at investing in a height adjustable desk there’s a few key features you may want to lead your search with. 

A fully electronic desk will make your transition from sitting to standing completely effortless, although the price tag on these desks can be considerably more than the non-motorised equivalent we do recommend opting for the electronic option.

Additionally, you will want to look at the weight limit for the desk and consider what items are going to inhabit your space, we’re not suggesting putting your monitor, note pad, keyboard and desk planner on your kitchen scales but we do recommend taking this into consideration when looking for a desk, especially if you use a larger set up.

Finally, you want to look at the height range of the desk (especially if you’re on the taller side) you want to ensure your desk will come high enough for you to comfortably stand without hunching over or slouching. 

An Ergonomic Chair

Yes, you guessed it, an ergonomic chair is very much on our list of necessities. Even if you’re planning on standing all day, you need a chair that is going to support you when you sit down, even for short periods of time.

Investing in a fully adjustable, ergonomically designed chair will not only provide you with all day comfort and support but it will also aid with productivity and motivation.

When looking for a new home office chair there is a number of non-negotiables:

Ergonomic design; your chair needs to have been designed and engineered to fully support the human body – ergonomic chairs are fully adjustable and can be moved to your individual body and its needs.

Office Standards; your home office chair should be to the standard of commercial office chairs, the chair should be tested for safety and performance to the same standard that all office chairs are made to meet.

A Slouch home office chair; our Task One chair is designed and manufactured to fit in your home seamlessly, with sleek design and industry leading technology. We present all the ergonomic and design features without breaking the bank.

Desk Planner

It’s no secret that staying organised and motivated whilst working from home can be slightly harder than when we’re in the office but having somewhere to write down all our tasks and deadlines makes staying on track that bit easier.

An undated planner is great, meaning you can skip a week for holidays or engagements and you’re not wasting precious pages. 

Having an overall to do list as well as individually split days works best for us. 

Blue Light Glasses

Working from home 9/10 times equates to working on a laptop or monitor, e.g. staring at blue light for hours on end every day. Investing in a pair of blue light glasses will add a shield of protection for your eyes.

There’s many benefits to wearing blue light blocking glasses:

  • Prevention of eye strain, headaches and dry eye
  • Better sleep quality
  • Enhanced visual clarity

Water Bottle

This one may seem simple or a no brainer but having a water bottle handy whilst working is essential for us. It makes hitting your daily water intake for the day so much easier. 

It’s no secret that water can change the whole way that your body functions yet people still don’t prioritise hitting that all important 2 litre minimum. 

When you do you will see an improvement in your overall health, whether it be your skin, sleep or energy levels.


Investing in your WFH environment will do wonders for your wellbeing. Sitting comfortably, staying hydrated and looking after your overall health is a sure way to improve motivation and productivity through-out your day. For more tips of how to Stay Active Whilst WFH view our blog with health and fitness coach Lucy Davis as she shares her tips on how to stay fit and healthy whilst working from home. 

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