Staying Active Whilst Working from Home with Lucy Davis

Slouch and Lucy Davis Collaboration

As a brand Slouch puts the body at forefront of everything we do, our task chair is designed and engineered to perfectly sculpt and support your body. Working both at home and at the office it can be a struggle to stay active and keep your body moving whilst working from a desk.

We sat down personal trainer and health and fitness influencer Lucy Davis to bring you her advice on how to stay active whilst working. 

Slouch: “Lucy, when you’re working from home, what is your go to morning routine to prepare for the day ahead?”

Lucy: “I have always loved having a morning routine, and it became a vital part of my day during the first lockdown, which I have carried on ever since.

The first thing I do when I wake up is make my bed (avoids all temptation to dive back into it!) I will then go downstairs to make a large black coffee. 2 non negotiables for my morning are filling in my wellness journal and 15 minutes of reading. Once I have done this, I will pop upstairs into my office and tick off emails, client messages and plan my day ahead. I feel so productive from these simple steps every morning, making my day ahead much more enjoyable!”

Slouch: “Whilst in your busiest times, how do you stay active and hit your steps for the day?”

Lucy: “My busiest times are 9am-3pm most days! From 9-11am I will be in the gym or running, and filming content. As soon as I am home, showered, had my breakfast, we dive into meetings, app planning or recording a podcast! As I know I am busy during these times, I will always make time to walk around 5:00pm – 6:00pm and make the effort to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

When I have a break in the day, I will usually do approximately 10 minutes of mobility work, usually my hips because they are always somewhere that gets really tight on me!”

Slouch: “We all get work cravings, what’s your go to snack whilst powering through a busy day?”

Lucy: “The one thing I always have on my desk is a 2L bottle of water, so I know I am hitting my water intake for the day, and a lot of the time we are just thirsty over actually wanting something to eat. However, my number one snack is definitely the chocolate nibbles we get from KORO (so yum!), and also pop chips!

Slouch: “Are there any exercises or stretches you would recommend for retaining good posture and mobility whilst at your desk?”

Lucy: “When being sat down for long periods of time, it is really important to get up, have a move around and try and relieve any tension. For your back, seated spinal rotations and sitting back extensions are my favourite; to allow you to get some movement and stretch your back.

Regarding your posture there are a few simple guidelines that you can follow to have a correct desk posture, which can help offset those aches and pains!

  1. Keep your feet flat on the floor and try not to cross your legs, knees or ankles
  2. Keep a small space between your knees and the seat of the chair
  3. Your knees should be at the same height as your hips or slightly lower. 

I can’t even tell you how important these are, and I have found this to be even more comfortable on the Slouch chairs we do have in the office.

Slouch: “Finally, what are 3 things in your home office you couldn’t live without?”

Lucy: “1. My iMac

2. My Slouch chair

3. My 2L water bottle”

We’re definitely going to be taking Lucy’s advice on staying active here in the Slouch office. We hope you do you to!

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