10 Different Types Of Desks Explained

Get ready, because Slouch is taking you on a whistlestop tour of the different types of desks available in the UK. We’ll unpack the benefits and features that make them what they are as well as what people look for in an office desk to suit them.

So whether you’re searching for a new desk or you’re just interested in the topic, it’s wise to be informed about the different types of desks available and their use cases. 

Maybe you’ll even find something that’s just your type!

Our Rundown of 10 Types of Office Desks

Get to know the features and characteristics that ten different types of desks ‘bring to the table’. Let’s get started.

Most Common Types of Desks for Contemporary Offices

The first 5 desks in our tour of the different desk types available are the most common styles you’ll find in contemporary UK offices. If you’re considering a new desk for your home office or to kit out your employees, these are most likely the types to consider because of their individual practical applications. 

Here’s our roundup.

1. Straight Desks 

Yep, you guessed it from the name – this desk type is straight and rectangular. It’s the kind that you’ll see in millions of offices across the world because of its classic, practical and highly reproducible design. This is also the style of our Slouch office desks.

2. Standing Desks 

Standing desks give owners the ability to sit or stand at them while they work. Height adjustability is an increasingly common and desirable trait in modern desks as it’s a practical way to improve ergonomics in the workplace. Standing intermittently, instead of just sitting, is cited as a great way to refresh the mind and increase blood circulation, with many potential health benefits.  

Check our Slouch’s height adjustable office desk which is a fantastic option if you’re seeking a standing desk.

3. Executive Desks

This dominating desk type is becoming more and more rare. However, you might still see one in a corporate manager’s office. Physically they are larger and deeper than the standard UK office desk and are usually made from rich, sturdy woods like mahogany or oak. Some feature in-lay or gilded edging. The whole look is designed to impress.

4. L-shaped Desks

Need more desk space? L-shaped desks – otherwise known as corner desks – are the perfect way to maximise surface area. This kind of desk spreads across a right angle and fits neatly into a corner. They can be a good option for people who need multiple monitors. 

5. U-Shaped Desks

Just like L-shaped desks, U-shaped desks are defined by their shape. They wrap around the office chair in the middle of the desk. This gives a generous, spacious surface area with the possibility of ample built-in storage underneath. 

Rare & Unique Desk Types

The rundown of the desks we’ve covered so far are the most common types of desks we see in UK offices today. However, there are some less common, quirky desk types that we’ll explore below.

6. Secretary Desks

This type of desk is designed in an old-fashioned wooden bureau style. The look is almost always ornate with carved decorative details. Secretary desks feature a drop-down leaf desktop for writing as well as cubbies and drawers inside for stowing stationary. Sometimes it will also be topped by a bookcase.

7. Roll Top Desks

This archaic style of desk was traditionally used for personal correspondence when letter writing was more common. All of a person’s stationery could be stowed under the roll top to give an instantly neat look.

8. Floating Desks

Much like their cousins, floating shelves, floating desks are also desktops with no visible supports. The desktop is affixed with internal fixings directly to the wall which gives the seamless effect of the desk floating in midair. 

9. Pedestal Desks

Pedestal desks are the ultimate in desks with integrated storage solutions. In this desk type the desktop sits upon two identical cabinets, usually featuring a row of drawers on each side.  

10. Folding Desk

Need a space-saving desk solution for a tight spot? A folding desk pops up or down depending on whether you need it. These types of desks are usually a starting point for people studying or working part-time in a home where a desk wouldn’t necessarily be the best use of space full-time.

What Do You Need from Your Desk?

Ultimately, a desk’s usefulness depends on what you need from it. The different types of desks we’ve explored all have advantages and drawbacks. Let’s dig into what makes a desk useful.

Surface Space

Person Turning Around Whilst Sat Down And Writing On A Notepad

Do you need instant access to spreadsheets, lists and docs, all at a glance? Or perhaps you need space for a printer and other office desk essentials? In this case, you’d need enough desk surface space for multiple monitors plus your other desk accessories like monitor risers and keyboards. 

Aesthetic Style

While function is top of the list when it comes to your workspace, it’s also important to create an environment that helps you to focus, and aesthetics play an important role in this. Choose office furniture, like desks and office chairs, that fit your style preferences and make the space feel good to work in. 

Height Adjustability 

If you’re keen on intermittently sitting and standing at your desk, height adjustability is a must. These are less common than standard fixed-height desks but can be worth the splash if they help you channel your focus. 

Height adjustability is also a useful feature for achieving the ideal office desk height for you. 

Desk Material

The Range Of White, Black, Oak And Walnut Desktop Samples

Wood has an organic aesthetic appeal but comes with a higher price tag and maintenance requirements. Affordable popular options include lower-density wood alternatives like chipboard or MDF wrapped in paper or laminate. 

Storage Available

Most of the desks we’ve covered so far are available as a simple desktop with legs and space underneath to include your own storage solutions. However, some desk types can be purchased with integrated storage if that’s an important factor for you. 

Is a Slouch Desk Your Perfect Type?

A Slouch desk is a clean slate packed with well-designed features. Its simple and effortless look is the result of thoughtful engineering and rigorous development to create the ultimate functional desk.

Here’s what you can expect from our desks…

  • Adjustable height and fixed options, for height control that makes it simple to find your ideal desk height
  • Versatile desktop colour options that work in harmony with any modern office, such as walnut, oak, black and white scratch-resistant MFC
  • Desk legs made of sturdy metal with level adjustable hidden feet
  • Generous working surface area and ample under-desk space for storage solutions 
  • Our desks are an example of ergonomic design in action, with flowing lines and softly rounded edges that make them as intuitively comfortable as they are attractive

Need answers to a burning question about Slouch’s office desks? Or perhaps now you’re clued up on desks you’d like to learn about the different types of office chairs available? Whatever your query, our friendly staff are here to answer any questions. Simply contact us via email at [email protected] to get in touch.

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