The Ultimate office Bake off Inspiration

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With just days to go and the festivities well and truly underway, we’re bringing you all the inspiration you need to win your office bake off competition.

We may not be master bakers here at Slouch but we’re definitely no strangers to cake. We’ve rounded up our pick of the best Christmas recipes that is sure to have the whole office scurrying over to the kitchen.

The Classic Log

A Christmas classic, the yule log. A chocolate sponge rolled with a cream filling and covered with chocolate ganache! Inspired by the time old tradition of burning a Christmas tree on the fire, warming the house all day long.

The best part? Despite its complex look this cake is a simple bake, making it the perfect choice for the bake off.

Find a great yule log recipe HERE

Grandma’s Fruit Cake

I don’t know about you but the smell of fruit cake as I walk into the kitchen reminds me of Christmas spent with my grandmother. The ugly duckling of Christmas bakes, this deliciously heavy and moist cake holds flavours and memories that everyone can enjoy at Christmas time.

It’s not a quick 30 minute bake but the finished product makes every minute worth it – Will this be your bake off winner?

Find a delicious Christmas fruit cake recipe HERE

“Shooting” Cupcakes

Everybody loves a cupcake, the trusty, single serve cakes are perfect for any occasion – but everything tastes better at Christmas, right?

The easiest way to show off your decorating skills without turning your kitchen upside down. We’ve chosen a simple design and nailed it! A cream buttercream piped beautifully then topped with store bought (is this cheating?) star cookies. Simple but stylish, just like us 😉

Find the PERFECT chocolate cupcake recipe HERE

Find the trusty vanilla sponge recipe HERE

Gingerbread Bundt Cake

A master in disguise, the bundt cake. So intricate, so detailed, so easy.

The sweet aroma of gingerbread spread throughout the house and a show stopping bake taking centre stage.

The perfect balance of spice, a moist sponge and no soggy bottom in sight, Mary Berry would be calling this “Scrumptious!”

Find your winning recipe HERE

A Slouch Showstopper

We may have gone all out, making an entrance with our Slouch showstopper.

A vanilla sponge, filled with a light buttercream and strawberry jam. This simple Victoria sponge was transformed into a vintage Slouch icon.

When we brought her into the office – she was gone before 10.

Show us your decorating skills with THIS Victoria sponge recipe.

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