We sat down with video creator, Teja Lisjak

As a brand Slouch appreciates the growing digital world, our set up is designed and engineered to play a crucial role in supporting the physical well-being of a creative and digital creator, enhancing focus, comfort, and overall workflow efficiency.

So, tell us what does a day in the life of a photographer & video creator look like? 

As a video creator, my work often involves spending lots of time shooting on location, whether that’s for client projects, or videos I make for myself (social media content). I try to stay active and always have my camera around, which means that I also spend a lot of my time at home editing and bringing my visuals stories to life. That’s why I value the importance of having a great setup, because it now only allows me to be more focused and creative, but it helps me stay healthy too! 

Along with the professional work you do, do you find time for your independent projects? 

I feel extremely lucky, since a lot of my professional work has turned into working with brands that support my creative vision and enable me to bring my ideas to life. In the past year I’ve created 2 short films for Sony, and having that creative freedom felt like an independent project. For fun though, I make short-form vlogs and post them on my socials. 

Where do you feel most of your inspiration for new concepts comes from? 

Most of my ideas come from my personal experiences, conversations, music and watching other amazing creators on YouTube. In the past year I’ve been extremely lucky and had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places, which were a great way for me to learn new things, meet new people and find new inspiration.  

Are there other artists or creatives that have influenced your practice over the years? 

Yes, plenty! In 2016, when I really started getting into filmmaking, Sam Kolder played a massive part, and a few others as well. These days, I’m mostly influenced by all my amazing and talented friends who work in the same industry. 

Photography and video have become much more popular over the last 10 years, from photojournalism, bloggers and even the selfie! Do you think this has changed/shaped the industry? 

Absolutely, and I think the rise of social media platforms has been incredibly exciting! It’s amazing how many opportunities there are for everyone. As anything, it also has its flaws, such as our attention span has definitely decreased, but overall I think the way we’re able to share things and connect with people around the world is incredible and it can lead to many great things. 

And finally, what would your top tips be for perfecting a shot with no experience or equipment? 

I get asked this quite a lot, and I would say the best place to start is to use what you already have, so perhaps a phone. Find something you like, whether that’s a location, person, composition, light and just start shooting. Good results come with a lot of practice, so the more you do something, the better you’ll be. Don’t overthink, just do! 

We’re definitely going to be taking Teja’s advice on the importance of a great set up to enhance focus here in the Slouch office. We hope you do you too!

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