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Slouch Unseen

Two People Stood At A Laptop And Monitor Reviewing Photography Shots

Step behind Slouch and into the unseen, we’re more than just a brand, see the people who bring you the new era of work life, effortlessly.

We’re a UK based company with British designers, Task One starts and ends in the UK. Designed in house by some of the best in the industry, we understand the concept of combining simplicity with ergonomic technology to provide you with everyday comfort that isn’t ugly.

Every detail is thought through, from our models to our packaging, it’s all for you. Our aim is to offer you simple service with style and support at the forefront. 

We want your experience with Slouch to be like no other, we care about what we do and we want you to know that. 

Task One offers effortless comfort, simple style and modern innovation. It was created with you in mind, to sculpt and support your body’s every need. Bringing ergonomic standard into your home in a way that compliments your aspirations and never restricts you.

All of our chairs are engineered and manufactured in house, each step we are responsible for, every seat is upholstered by us, every screw is tightened by us, it’s how we ensure that every single chair that leaves our factory is perfect.

We hand selected each fabric and component ensuring that every detail was just right, we vigorously tested the chair at every stage of the process to bring you the best of style and technology. It’s because of our testing that we can be 100% confident that we are providing you with the best product possible. 

When it comes to making sure Slouch is picture perfect there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Our photoshoots are meticulously thought through, every colour, model, accessory and set is chosen with intent. We spend days proposing and reproposing ensuring every detail aligns with who we are as a brand. 

Our Packaging, like everything we do, is designed in house by our graphic designer, every insert, box and print is created by us, for you.

Each and every one of our chairs is hand packed, secured and sent off from our factory in the North West of England. No product leaves our site without being individually checked to ensure all of our chairs leave without a scratch.

We believe that it’s the small things that matter most, our 45 years of industry experience, our easy returns or the real people behind the brand. 

From the moment you find us, we are committed to offer you the very best of service, we’re real people, here to answer any question, big or small.  We’re friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about what we do. We are Slouch.